A large town located in the Pelagonia Valley of south-central Macedonia, Prilep has been inhabited since Neolithic times.
In the later 14th century, it was for a time the capital of Macedonia’s most famous medieval king, King Marko, a legendary warrior who became an important figure in Macedonian epic poetry. His impregnable fortress still adorns a hill above the town.
The other major attraction of the Prilep area is the cliff top monastery of St Archangel Mikhail. This and the monasteries of Treskavec and Zrze are situated in close proximity to the town.
Today, Prilep is one of Macedonia’s major agricultural centres, best known for its flavourful tobacco.

The arid soil makes for perfect growing conditions fPrilepor not only this but a wide range of vegetables besides.

Prilep is also known for its valuable quarries, which contain some of the highest quality marble to be found in the Balkans.






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